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Ken Cohen – Qigong Training & Tea Ceremony – Past Events

  • About Ken (Gao Han) MA

    Cohen Portrait

    Ken Cohen is the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award in Energy Medicine and is a renowned Qigong and Tai Chi Grandmaster, based in a small town at 3,000 meter elevation in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado (USA).

    Ken began Qigong in 1968, was a collaborator with Alan Watts, student of Joseph Campbell and principle lifetime apprentice to Taoist Abbot Huang Gengshi from South China. He was the first person to teach qigong in North American medical schools.

    Ken is a leader in the dialogue between ancient wisdom and modern science, believing that each can respectfully learn from the other. He was able to demonstrate extraordinary bioelectric states in the laboratory of Ed Wilson, M.D. and was one of 9 "exceptional healers" studied in the Menninger Clinic’s 12-year research project “Physical Fields and States of Consciousness.”

    His classes and keynotes have been sponsored by the American Cancer Society, the Mayo Clinic, Health Canada, the International Conference on Taoist Studies (Taiwan), and numerous universities.

    He is the author of the Random House classic, The Way of Qigong and more than 200 journal articles on spirituality and health. Ken is the subject of various works in the Chinese language, including the soon-to-be-released Yang Qigong Da Shi Gao Han: Gu Lao Zhi Hui Yu Xian Dai Ke Xue Dui Hua Di Shi Zhe, “Western Qigong Master Ken Cohen, Emissary of the Dialogue between Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science.”

    See more on Ken's website

Testimonial from Ken Cohen

“My experience with Conscious Living was, as we say in Chinese, Zhen Bang, ‘Wonderful, Awesome!’ From my viewpoint, as someone who has taught workshops since the 1970s, I think that Conscious Living could be called Conscious and Compassionate Hosting.

What a superb group of students, both for the Qigong workshop and Chinese tea presentation: attentive, dedicated, questioning, and enthusiastic. The venue was comfortable for all, with space for lecture, discussion, and movement.

Clara Apollo is like a great performer who knows her art so well that the audience is blissfully ignorant of the effort and preparation involved and can just enjoy the show! I so look forward to returning and sharing with my new ‘family’ again in 2018.”


Master Kenneth Cohen – pictured here with his teacher, Madame Gao.

‘Primordial Qigong Intensive’ 

3 Day Training 


What a wonderful Primordial Qigong training this was, I am still integrating the depth of alignment created and am running the form daily to see if I can get to 100 days as Master Ken suggested.  Running this form everyday since has given me an even steadier keel from which to sail my ship of life. Often to a soundtrack of Hang Massive …

Massive thanks to our photographer for the event Corinne Jackson who stepped in when no one else was able – what an array of great shots, thank you so very much.

Here’s a new interview, where Ken and Clara continue their conversations in a half hour chi-chat the day after the weekend training

Ken shares his thoughts on the effects of stress on physiology and spiritual health – and how Qigong is a natural antidote to this, plus the importance of leisure on our overall health and the problems associated with contemporary culture; electro-pollution as well as social media and asks how we can still truly connect with Earth and each other?

A fascinating conversation carrying on from the illuminating tales of the Dao he shared during the training and tea presentation.


Ken talks to Clara on Chi Time TV, introducing the Primordial Qigong training and sharing some of his extensive knowledge on how Qigong is a key exercise for us in all walks of life AND a reflection on its long and varied history. 


The Chinese Tea Ceremony

‘Why Taoist Immortals Drink Tea’ 

A Journey to Ancient China 

Health, Longevity and Unity with the Tao 


After introducing the basics of Chinese Tea appreciation, Ken discussed how to create a beautiful, harmonious tea gathering, including the traditional role of poetry in setting the mood. 

This was the first time he had offered this unique Tea Presentation in the UK.

We closed our eyes and were transported back to ancient China as Ken recited thousand year old poems that celebrate the beauty of nature in the original Chinese, and in translation. 

Next, we enjoyed a tranquil meditation to relax, quiet the mind and open the senses.

As the Traditional Chinese Tea Presentation continued with us all having a taste from the tiny pot that kept producing delicious Oolong tea, we felt the qi (energy) of the tea spread through the palate and the body, awakening every cell. 

Ken also discussed the healing benefits of tea, including exciting new research that demonstrates effects on cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and, most importantly, joy of life!