Elemental Qigong Summer Retreat

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Rekindle your love of nature to regain energy in a 4 day retreat deep in the Sussex countryside learning Qigong in a glorious off-grid glamping experience.

Away from wifi and other insidious interruptions of your natural life force, you will be able to fully de-stress and gentle recharge with clarity and fresh vision.

Imagine sleeping deeply, so close to nature, in a high quality Yurt, that your dreams are infused with star-light, ancestral stories and insights. Awaken to bird-song and morning summer air so fresh it gives your breath a quality rarely tasted in town.

Qigong is an easily accessible body, mind and spirit exercise; a healing art form in itself its practice also enhances, and weaves, all other healing modalities. Often described as a ‘missing link in the energy workers puzzle’, anyone is welcome who feels called. Previous experience of Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Reiki, Tai chi, Pilates and similar can help but are not essential.

Flow of the day

From the comfort of your cozy yurt,  you can make an early morning cuppa and bring it to the communal yurt to gather at daybreak for the first session. Tapping, shaking recumbence from limbs and breathing doziness away from minds – prepare for your elemental qigong day the fresh and up way.

After a breakfast of fruit and other plant based fayre, the day will unfold in x2 sessions at mid-morning and late afternoon. With plenty of time after lunch to walk the South Downs countryside, rest in your yurt, read under a tall old tree by a lake, bask under a balmy blue sky – this is your time to integrate the work and be easy on yourself, expanding into Now.

Content of the course

We begin on Tuesday 26 at 10am and complete at lunchtime on Friday 29th June. On the Thursday there is a special Fire ceremony to celebrate the Full Moon with a visiting local shaman and drummer. Wow!

The Elemental Qigong focus will be on harmonising the elements within you using inspiration from Earth, Water, Wood and Fire. Rooting down into Mother Earth for instance, helps to compost old energetic debris that your system is ready to release. This creates s p a c e for a steady revitalisation, old patterns unwind and are replaced with new intentions. When you combine intention with a movement you embody that wish into the manifest reality.

Previous experience of Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Reiki, Tai chi, Pilates and similar can help but are not essential.

Food and facilities

This is both non-residential and full board retreat with daily training and tasty substantial local, organic vegan food plus an ample supply of herbal teas and fruit. Each yurt has its own kitchenette. There are no hidden charges.

Please contact us with any special requirements or considerations.

See more about the facilities here Night Pastures accommodation

The sleeping arrangements are x2 to a yurt but could be more. You can bring a tent at no extra charge with all facilities being shared by whomever is there. The retreat can host up to 20 individuals and is booking up.

Please see the venue separate website for more information Night Pastures website.

Tickets for residential and non-residential

You can purchase online here or contact us directly using the form at the top right of the website. Use this form also for any questions or just to start a conversation, we’re always happy to hear from you! The residential price includes full board, training and luscious food, including extra fruit and unlimited teas with no added extras.

The non-residential price includes breakfast and lunch and an evening meal on the Thursday full moon ceremony eve. We start at 7.30am on Weds, Thursday and Friday.

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“I had a great Qigong workshop with Clara Apollo. Clara teaches everything very clearly, with great sensitivity and kindness. I understood the many benefits of all the movements, and my energy was really buzzing by the end of the day. She created a lovely coming together of the group too; a very inspiring teacher with deep understanding and a bigger vision for our world. I highly recommend her workshops. Thank you Clara, I’ll be weaving what I learned into my daily practice.”

Pam Gregory

About Clara

This is me breathing with chi, expanding my hands on the in breath, bringing them closer together on the out, a technique garnered from years of practice on what feels naturally chi-full.

I only share teaching from my experience, then truth is imparted, a truth of Be-ing with my chi which has an inviting response to yours.

Briefly – I began training in the early 1990’s with Ged Sumner in London to explore how to retrieve my failing energy levels. The practice gave me pathways in to becoming aware on how I was using, and mis-using my body and energy, with an opportunity to rectify my behaviour. Roll on 10 years and in the early 2000’s, when my son was old enough to manage mum going away to study for occasional very long weekends, I studied with the College of Elemental Chi Kung in London for 4 years. Added to this was Reiki training, nutrition, EFT, Emotrance and Colour Mirrors.

I offered up to 15 classes a week at one stage at various New Forest District Council Leisure Centres and set up the Foundation Course for Elemental Chi Kung with the College. From there the basic Teacher Training evolved and we now have New Forest Elemental Qigong as a school and collective of teachers. Bringing Grand Master Ken Cohen over from America last year was a wonderful opportunity to train with him, and share his expertise with other qigong practitioners. I am honoured to have him as my teacher.

Retreats offer a unique opportunity to step away from the ‘have to’s’ in life and step into the ‘wish to’s’. A sustained period of time working with yourself in this integral way reaps benefits not just for you, but for al you connect with in your life. All for One and One for All…

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