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    Diana was born on 7th September 1940 in the Himalayas at the exact second the first bomb fell on London. She was sent to bring in light to counteract the darkness at the other side of the world. Of course Diana went through the Veil of Amnesia and knew nothing of this.  Her life was very ordinary. She had no self-esteem or self-confidence. Nor did She have any religious, psychic or spiritual background.

    When Diana was 42 she was getting divorced and was at absolute rock bottom. There was no way to turn so she called out to the universe for help. She shouted, ‘If there’s anything out there, show me – and you’ve got one hour.’ Immediately a beautiful six foot tall golden angel stood in front of her and pulled her out of her physical body. They flew together and it showed her many things. Finally they flew together over a hall full of people with rainbow auras and it told her she was on the platform for she was to be a spiritual teacher. When it brought her back it was exactly one hour later.

    Even after that Diana often felt hopeless and despairing but she knew there were angels waiting to help her. She trained to become a hypnotherapist and set up in practise.  Diana was aware of angels around her clients but she didn’t engage with them.

    Ten years after the first angel visitation Diana had moved house again and was starting a new phase of her life. She lay in the bath and asked for guidance about some classes she was running. To her astonishment an angelic voice replied like a golden thought directly into my mind. ‘We want you to tell people about angels.’ Diana was completely horrified and replied that she didn't want to do that for people would think she was crazy. Then the angels said the words she has never ever forgotten. ‘Who is doing your work? Is it your ego or your Higher Self?’ At once Diana agreed she’d do it and jumped out of the bath. With a towel round her, she sat on the bed and three angels stood in front of her, rather like shining lights and gave her information about the angelic realms. This book was published by Findhorn Press and it is now called New Light on Angels.

    Diana was invited to appear on morning TV to talk about the book. As she was about to go on air they asked if she would mind having her aura photograph taken. She naturally said that she would be delighted. As Diana sat down in front of the machine, she asked her angel to step into the photograph, thinking that people would sense its light. To her shock and that of everyone else, her angel and guide impressed themselves onto the aura photograph. You could see the round head of the angel, a gold bar reaching to her guide and rays of golden light pouring through the picture. As a result the telephone service was in meltdown as the programme received 114,000 calls and she was asked to return next day because so many people wanted to talk about their angel experiences that they had never dared to speak of before!

    A few months after the angels reappeared in Diana's life, she met her wonderful guide Kumeka.  They have been together throughout many lives and he is constantly with her. He gives Diana much of the information that she writes about in her books.



One Day Workshop Sunday November 26th 

10:00 am – 5:00 pm (doors open 9:45am)


Diana Cooper

‘Accelerate Your Ascension with Angels, Animals and Dragons’


At this time of unprecedented spiritual growth on the planet, the Angels and Archangels are connecting with and helping everyone who is open to them. Be prepared for an amazing Angel experience as Diana invites you to visit the retreats of some of the Archangels and receive their special light.

No animal comes to you by chance. Whether you read about it, see it on television or in the flesh, each one brings a message that assists your ascension. Diana will share some of these today. Where do animals come from? What is their soul purpose? What do their different colours mean? Do they have angels? Are some more evolved than humans? Diana will answer these questions and present unique information about animals, birds, fish, insects and reptiles to open your heart to them, so you can connect with them more easily.

In beautiful meditation journeys she will take you to meet the Archangels in charge of animals, birds, fish and insects.


Dragons are mighty beings who are flocking to Earth now to assist our ascension. Today Diana will introduce you to your personal dragons and angels AND to some of the awesome high frequency dragons and angels.

Your companion dragon and your Guardian Angel form a great team as they inspire, protect and encourage you on your journey. As you truly connect with them today they help and heal you in ways you have not imagined. Prepare for personal transformation.

You will also meet three glorious high frequency dragons and the Archangels who connect with them.

The pure white Dragon from Lyra take you to bathe in the 9D pool of white-gold Christ light, which shimmers and swirls with pure love. Absorb all you are ready to receive today and your aura will radiate the incredibly high frequency of white-gold. He works with the ineffable Archangel Christiel and his shimmering white Angels of Lyra. Together they will enable you to meet your personal unicorn at a higher frequency than before. They will dramatically expand your causal chakra, which will strengthen your connection with the entire angelic world.

Then Diana will introduce you to the Aquamarine Dragon from Neptune who will enable you to access your deepest soul wisdom and expand your psychic abilities. This dragon will also help you prepare your crystalline body so that you can carry more light for the new Golden Age. The great Universal Angel Mary will assist with this process today.

The Dusty Pink Dragon from Andromeda, carrying the vibration of transcendent love, will touch you and prepare all your chakras to embody higher love. Archangel Mariel will work with this dragon and expand your soul light. Prepare for entirely new understandings and a huge download of light today.


Just like humans, each type of animal has its own soul purpose on Earth. 

Birds, fish, insects and reptiles are on their own spiritual journey. Some animals incarnate in service to humanity, while others serve the planet or are here to grow spiritually through life on Earth. The souls of animals, like the souls of humans, come from different stars or planets, even from different universes. In this book, which features unprecedented teachings on the animal realm, Diana Cooper shares fascinating channelled information about the soul missions and service work of many of the creatures of the world. We discover the various planets or stars from which they originate and what they come to Earth to learn or teach. As well as comprehensive material about the creatures with whom we share the planet and the particular angels they work with, this incredible book contains visualizations to connect with them and prayers to help them all. The Archangel Guide to the Animal World will expand your consciousness and help you see to the animal world with enlightened eyes.





About the venue



The Shiraz Suite

Durley Chine Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH2 5JS

Phone: 0330 028 3413





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