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Barefoot Doctor – Power of Kindness – Past Event

  • About Barefoot Doctor


    Barefoot Doctor is a lovely man – not in the pretending to be nice way but genuinely – he loves humanity – he gets bewildered and perplexed by the way it acts out at times but he loves humanity as his global family – his kin, from whence comes the word kindness – looking after each other.

    Collaboration rather than domination, relaxation rather than uptightness, naturalness rather than pretentiousness – these are the drivers in his life's work.

    A healer extraordinaire and a doctor of oriental medicine for nearly 40 years, he began his training aged 11 and has been a martial arts-qigong-meditation maven ever since, trained to understand the human condition by revolutionary psychiatrist RD Laing.

    He learned real shamanism living with a genuine Native American tribe for four years.

    He is a well-versed author of 17 respected books presenting all facets of Taoism in the contemporary idiom, a composer and producer of healing electronic dance music, founder of the conscious clubbing movement and undercover doyen of the Ibiza experience, having lived there on and off for years.

    These days he travels the globe getting flown here and there as a consultant to fascinating people; runs super-level retreats in beautiful places around the world, puts on parties, did a long stint in the muck of mainstream media, manages a huge website-based school of Taoism – invented online teaching in the human potential field – makes amazing trainings that help people immensely and as stated at the top, is a genuinely lovely, kind and altogether beautiful man.

    That's how many people describe him anyway.

    More to the point though, he's a bit of a master in the art of taking you faster on quite a magnificent journey in the time available of learning, discovery, and exploration of the unspeakable power and glory that is you – yes we mean you.

Testimonial by Barefoot Doctor

“The day was exceptional. Clara’s hostessing is the epitome of grace, her consciousness, energy and quality facilitated me to facilitate something unique and beautiful for all the people there. I truly loved it.”                      – Barefoot Doctor

‘The Power of Kindness’  

One day workshop

on 13 November 2016

Glory-be!  Our Kindness Day with BAREFOOT DOCTOR was pretty EXTRAORDINARY. 

We gathered from as far and wide as Brighton to Glastonbury in the huge Hotel room in Bournemouth with windows looking over the sea’s horizon, giving into the Kindness within and responding to it without, hesitation..  


Barefoot Doctor’s website:  www.barefootdoctorglobal.com

Tune in for a deep discussion on THE POWER of KINDNESS and how it can change everything. Discussions on this potent subject range from random acts of kindness to the little gestures, and the difference between kindness and self indulgence.