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    Lucinda has always been creative, writing her first song aged six. From then on she has been writing poetic lyrics and intoxicating melodies ever since.

    In 1994 she co wrote a number one hit "The Real Thing" for Toni Di Bart and 1995 saw her sign to EMI publishing and EDEL records to create the album 'Suicidal Angel' which was released to critical acclaim.

    Lucinda then began her spiritual journey by meditating regularly. This brought about a change in the music which had a different kind of message and an intention to create a sound with beauty and depth that could enhance spiritual awareness and transformation.

    The practice lead to the creation of the seminal album 'A Hundred Thousand Angels' which is played all over the world in many different contexts and has sold  well over 100,000 copies. Lucinda  is now  invited all over the world to perform at gatherings of world leaders, at peace conferences and  in numerous spiritual centres.

    Lucinda has been practicing meditation and teaching now it for 20 years and more recently has become an Accredited Counsellor (MBACP accred). She is also in post graduate training with Reach Approach, an organisation of psychotherapists and counsellors committed to empowering people to change through a synergistic and holistic program.

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Day Workshop Saturday February 24th 2018

10.00 am – 17:00 pm (doors open 9.30am)


Lucinda Drayton 

‘Accessing Inner Wisdom Through Creativity’

A One Day workshop with Lucinda Drayton. Voice of ‘A Hundred Thousand Angels’.

Please drop us a line if you are interested in this and we’ll get back to you when the date is set.  

Creativity is a door that takes the traveller beyond logic and reason to the more subtle world of intuition, received wisdom or inner knowing. It is a way to connect deeply to the self and to the divine.

“I have always found this to be the case and as I deepen my own journey, the magic of this process continues to reveal itself.

So one of my favourite things to do, with no agenda or force, is to create a space for people to explore questions such as:

– What keeps me stuck?

– What are my strengths and what are my weaknesses?

– What do I really want?

– How can I bring about sustainable change?

– How do I become the best me I can be?

To then reach their own conclusions about the next step to take in their lives. Even if that means doing nothing.”


Maybe you have reached a crossroad in your life, or are struggling with an on-going challenge that confuses you or debilitates you.

Maybe you just wish to deepen your understanding of your own heart and its unique voice.


If so, then you will enjoy this workshop and let’s see if you can glean a bit more clarity and focus as you learn to listen in, to let go and trust your quiet inner voice.

The day will consist of

– Drawing, writing, poetry – bring a pad with you if you wish to keep your drawings together. We will provide paper too and basic crayons and pens.


– Movement, music, voice-work; wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Layers are best as you might get hot.


– Meditation, silence and listening; bring a Yoga mat, cushions, meditation seat, if you wish to use the floor.


Nobody will have to do anything they don’t wish to. We simply create a safe space for you to experiment if you feel called to.


It will be day of fun and play but also may be a day of uncovering and realisation. It really is up to you.

Lucinda will also be singing to you and playing her guitar.


Get your tickets to this exclusive event here – only 44 places available

See Lucinda on her recent Chi Time TV with our Clara here discussing her new Christmas album and The Reach Approach counselling methods she is trained in.

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