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About the Team

 Clara Apollo

Creative Director of Conscious Living Events


Hello and a VERY warm welcome to Conscious Living Events.

Back for the Autumn term 2017 and I am nearly on a year on from taking over the helm here, and wow! how many incredible events have already been and gone – several rebooking for next year, thats how popular our amazing speakers, performers and teachers are. Wonderfully I have kept up with the interviews on Chi Time radio and TV for all our guests, so keep checking towards the end of your favourite speakers event page as we sometimes book well in advance – to give you Super Early Bird discounts – and the Chi Time chat comes in a little later, unless we’ve one from the last time!

The Conscious Living ethos concurs beautifully with my Chi Kung/Qigong practice where the approach encourages increased awareness of how we use our bodies and place our minds, plus insights into personal energy management, mediation and keeping our ageing bodies vibrant and juicy! For more on Chi Kung see  My website and/or come along to the Primordial Qigong training  on November 12th this year in Bournemouth, truly powering you up from inside out.

I only invite inspiring speakers to Conscious Living Events and therefore Chi Time . Accessible people who clearly walk their talk and have nifty ways to encourage us along our chosen paths of truth and trust. I love how the speakers intertwine their expertise, giving us a breadth of understanding and experiencing the reality of Now.

I really feel our conscious community is building massively, greatly motivated by events like the wonderful ones we organise – as here we can be amongst our tribe of fellow love mongers, accepting and growing with each other, garnering our collective heart wishes for encouraging a harmonious and happy life together in these challenging times — we love and learn together all the time, great discussions often ensue in the bar before and after events.

I look forward to catching up with you at an event very soon.

Thank you for reading, may the CLE chi be with you!



The Team

Where would we be without Top Team CLE? Essential for the smooth running of operations both behind the scenes and of course assisting at events. Here are a few of my dear ones brave enough to put themselves up for your see! Both Louise Hatwell and Sandy Humby are greatly appreciated for their photographic skills and all round Top Teaming.


Sheela Hagan


Much of Sheela’s time is spent organising exciting fund-raising events to help homeless people in and around Bournemouth. Her other passion is helping, and inspiring people to achieve their best and happiest version of themselves, in an authentic way. Manifesting Magic is a regular workshop that she hosts and has been blessed to see many clients achieve their dreams, and develop their spiritual journey.  Sheela’s personal aim is to allow her own soul to grow and expand as it wishes, during this human life-time, and is deeply interested in how you take care of yours. You can find out what Sheela is up to next via her busy Facebook page of the same name. I am truly grateful for Sheela’s easy profession style and love sharing time with her, such wisdom!


       Joy Wood


Dear Joy stepped in to help fast at last years Lucinda Drayton event, and has been a regular assistant as the year has grown by. Joy has had the privilege of  being an integrated counsellor/psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and personal coach for several years now as well as an intuitive healer, Certified Reiki Master and EFT practitioner coach. Joy’s website

To have someone of her calibre on the Top Team is a joy to be sure, pun intended. A truly delightful lady, easy to be with and so professional and helpful too.

Here are the names of some of our other Top Teamers

Sana Stephens

Anne-Marie Smale

Lisa Moore

ZaZa Phoenix

Milarepa Burgin

Andy Brine


Here is the printer that we use for all our flyers that you see at the events. Tim Elliot the owner is extraordinarily helpful, swift and very amiable.

   Looking for a reliable, helpful and personable printing company? Print In The Bag is a professional printing company in Poole who offer complete and customised printing capabilities for small and medium sized businesses. We’ve used them ever since CLE began and are very happy to recommend their top notch services to you. They produce a wide range of high quality products, including flyers, leaflets, stationery, and more. Plus they use recycled paper and operate a carbon-neutral printing facility when requested. 

Print in the bag website



Founder of Conscious Living Events

Claire Quartel

Claire had the initial inspiration to bring high class speakers to the South back in 2013. See the rest of her story here

Claire now runs the successful Living Now Events in Devon